Friday, February 26, 2010


I have packaged up the last physical copy of Goddess Mandala that I am going to sell and it's going to the post office tomorrow.

(I actually have one more still in shrink wrap, but I'm keeping that for myself).

It's been a long haul selling those CDs, but from what I understand, most unsigned bands only sell about 200 or so copies of their physical CD (basically to family and friends). True, that statistic is at least 10 years old (as is Goddess Mandala), but it makes my selling 1000 units all the more impressive. Sales weren't steady or even - I sold most of the run in the first 5 years, and the last 50 took a while to move.

so I guess the question then becomes, What's next?

The future of Goddess Mandala is going to be all-digital. I had researched a non-iTunes micropayment music website where I can upload albums of MP3s and sell tracks individually or as entire albums. Since I was planning on marketing my new music that way, it makes sense to start up that account and service. So keep watching this space and the Music for the Goddess website for more information about how to get the new music that's on the way!