Friday, April 12, 2013

Wizardwood, Revisited

Back in a previous lifetime, I wrote a song that was influenced, in part, by Luke Skywalker's encounter with "Darth Vader" in the forest of Dagoba. I placed the song in a fantasy setting and called it Wizardwood, and it was a progressive rock/hard rock song, full of screaming guitars and drums and keyboards.

Well I have a gig coming up. A solo gig. As in, I will be playing by myself (hopefully not with myself) for the entire set.

There are some really interesting presets on the VoiceLive Touch, and I was playing around with them last night and took Wizardwood in a completely different direction. It needs some tweaking and adjustment and slightly less cats, but I did all this with just my voice and the VoiceLive Touch, and I'm pleased with the direction this is going in.