Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Plans for this Blog

Happy (belated) new year to my faithful reader! This was intended to be my music blog, and then it sort of got a bit of design stuff stuck in it as well... that's now found a more permanent home on my ostensibly quilt-oriented blog... I'll keep all my "visual arts" stuff over there, and reserve this for my "sound and motion" projects. I have a few on my queue for this year.

I did find 128 Goddess Mandala CDs while cleaning my basement, so these will go on sale shortly. Also stay tuned for contests and giveaways! 

The first feat is to get my studio put back together after the move four years ago. I am hoping to get this done before spring. I can still get some mixing done, but I can't record anything yet. So I may work with some rhythm track loops and my sounds from last year.

I want to finish at least one new song this year - I know that doesn't sound terribly ambitious, but you haven't seen the list of the other things I've got on deck for this year.

The other (time consuming) audio project that I want to accomplish this year is to record one or 2 audio book versions of my mother's Regency romance novels, with the long-term goal of having all of them available as audio books for purchase.

I don't plan to update here on a weekly basis, unless I've got something going on in the audio/video arena.