Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Purple Dashiki

As I'm just coming off a 4-week slog of tremendous amounts of overtime and working through the weekend at my day job, I'm sorry to say I don't have any new music to share tonight. I do have a story from the road, prompted by my unpacking of a garment from storage this afternoon.

I unpacked my husband's purple dashiki today. When he bought it at the Starwood festival, he really liked it - it was cool in the summer weather, and he felt comfortable pushing the borders of his fashion sense away from the t-shirts and jeans that he basically lives in at home. I think he looks pretty good in it in this picture, at the gig we had at the festival (he's the one standing playing the djembe):
He was perfectly happy about it until he got to the stage, right before our gig, and saw our guitar player.


Yes, he is wearing the same shirt. No, this was not planned. Yes, it was like the prom when 2 girls show up in the same gown, and NO, my husband has not worn the purple dashiki since that one time.