Why am I writing this blog? I want make my own creative process vis á vis music transparent. And to do that, I have to share with you my half-baked, or completely uncooked ideas, and the badly-performed or recorded works-in-progress. The unfinished work. The stuff that I know is just awful. The stuff that nobody else is supposed to hear.

I have been reluctant to do this out of fear that someone else will "steal" my idea and do something fabulous with it and they'll get all the money and fame and whatever else. Today, I have to laugh about my hubris. Today, I realized that it's a ridiculous attitude to have at this time in my life (and I'm not sure if this attitude ever benefited me in any way in the past, either).  I need to remember that any idea that I may come up with from the various triggers in the world is highly likely to occur to a few thousand other people within a few days of me coming up with it, because they are also exposed to the same set of triggers. The odds that any of them will act on it is small, and the odds that of those who will act on it will do it in the same way as me are negligible.


 I'll treat you to the building blocks as I create them. Expect some interesting noise coming from me.